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  • Milling type: Copings, Full contour crowns, Full contour bridges, Full contour crowns with inlay, Inlay, Onlay, Models, Glued-based abutments, Full contour zirconia abutments, Screw-retained bridges, Attachments, Bars, Abutments
  • Material type: Chrome cobalt, Titanium, Sintering metal, Zirconia, PMMA, Wax, Acrylic, Resin ceramics, Lithium disilicate, Lithium disilicate, Glass ceramic, Premill abutments (Custom abutment)
  • Axis: 5
  • Spindle RPM: 70,000
  • Spindle Power, Kw: 1.2
  • System: WET, DRY
  • Weight, KG: 145kg / 115kg (Table)
  • ATC Tool: 24
  • Accuracy: ±5
  • Filter: Dual filter box
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Size: 696X647X800 / 696X647X854 (Table)


PLUS MILL RS5-001 is a 5 axis milling machine with servo motor and guarantees robustness & durability.

RS5-001 provides dynamic flexibility with a built-in, 5-axis dental automation system.

High performance servo motor and 1.2 kw spindle deliver superior machining dynamics and speed in Co-Cr & Titanium.

Designated zigs for RS5 make the user with the ability to produce a wide range of dental restoration components based on demand

- including crowns, bridges, abutments, especially implant-carried restorations and bar work.

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